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The point of the US civil court system is to let people seek compensation for the harm done to them. However, even the best legal systems must contend with the same fundamental fact: judges are human. They are just as likely to have biases and make mistakes as anyone else. 

That’s why the civil appellate court system exists. A judge’s mistake should not trap you in an unfair, unfavorable award. If you are subject to an adverse ruling due to an error of law, error of fact, or abuse of discretion, you have the right to file an appeal. 

However, appeals are complex matters and have many differences from standard trials. If you are preparing to appeal, you should seek the counsel of an experienced civil appellate attorney. At Peterson Law, LLP, we can help. Our skilled team has years of experience representing clients during civil appeals in California. Get in touch to learn more about our firm’s history of successful appeals in San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County, and around California.

When to Consider a Civil Appeal

An appeal is not a new trial. Instead, it is a request for the appellate court to review the original trial court’s ruling for bias or errors. There are three main grounds for appeal in California:

  • Prejudicial error: If a judge, attorney, or jury makes significant mistakes about the law or court proceedings that harm you, it is possible to appeal the ruling. This is usually subject to the de novo review process. 
  • Lack of evidence: If no substantial evidence supports a court’s ruling, you can appeal it. This is subject to the substantial evidence review process.
  • Discretion errors: If a judge uses their discretion, or right to make decisions during the proceedings, in a way that doesn’t make sense, you could appeal. This is subject to the abuse of discretion review. 

These errors may occur in any civil claim. You may need to file an appeal after receiving an unjust ruling in cases such as:

However, it is important to note that appeals are notoriously complex and difficult to win. Working with an experienced appellate attorney is crucial to increase your chance of successfully appealing. 

Preparing Clients for Successful Appeals

At Peterson Law, LLP, we understand how much your appeal matters. We are dedicated to providing personalized legal counsel to clients during their appeals. We work directly with you and your existing legal team to understand the matter’s scope and build a robust case for altering or reversing your judgment. 

This one-on-one approach helps us to achieve better results for our clients. Our expertise allows us to build strong arguments regarding your case’s legal, factual, and discretionary errors, increasing the likelihood that your appeal succeeds. 

Excellent, Efficient, and Effective Representation for California Civil Appeals

Appealing an unjust and unfavorable ruling is your right. However, beginning an appeal without experienced legal counsel can jeopardize your case.

Don’t take that change. Reach out to the experienced appellate attorneys at Peterson Law, LLP, today to learn how we can assist you with your civil appeals in California.

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