Financial Services Litigation

Professional Representation for Financial Institutions and Loan Servicers

The financial system faces steadily increasing regulation and oversight. While these consumer protections are important, they also place a greater strain on every financial institution and loan servicer in the county. These organizations are obligated to meet strict compliance standards or risk substantial legal consequences. 

Furthermore, greater regulation makes it more difficult for financial institutions to enforce their policies and pursue delinquent debts. They must be prepared to pursue litigation when necessary to enforce contracts and ensure the terms of their loans are fulfilled. 

These legal challenges make the assistance of outside counsel more valuable than ever. The skilled attorneys at Peterson Law, LLP, have represented financial institutions nationwide, including Fortune 500 companies, for over a decade. Our team is prepared to provide comprehensive legal counsel to loan servicers, lenders, and banks around the country. Representatives of these organizations may schedule a meeting to discuss how we can assist you in complex financial law matters. 

Personalized Legal Representation for Financial Litigation

Banks and other lenders are enmeshed in a complex network of contracts and regulations that impart significant legal rights and obligations. When a dispute arises regarding these matters, litigation is often the most effective way to pursue a legal remedy. 

Peterson Law, LLP, is dedicated to providing financial organizations with effective and efficient legal representation during litigation. We have extensive experience resolving disputes related to:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Foreclosures and evictions
  • Contract law
  • Failure to pay
  • Breach of contract
  • Civil appeals
  • Violations of various consumer finance-related statutes such as the federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims

Our knowledgeable team works closely with our clients and their in-house counsel to provide representation tailored to the specifics of each dispute. Our focused, refined approach allows us to achieve better results without wasting time or resources. 

Knowledgeable Counsel for Liability and Compliance

As the regulatory environment surrounding finance continues to evolve, loan servicers and similar institutions must prepare for liability and compliance concerns. Lenders are constantly subject to legal and administrative scrutiny; minor errors or delays can cause substantial consequences. 

At Peterson Law, LLP, we are deeply familiar with the requirements to which financial institutions are subject. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel on liability and compliance issues, from updating company policies to responding to borrower complaints. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients avoid and resolve breach of contract and fiduciary duty allegations before litigation becomes necessary. 

Peterson Law, LLP: Safeguarding Stakeholders and Financial Organizations

Your organization takes its responsibilities toward borrowers and investors seriously. At Peterson Law, LLP, we do too. Our California-based law firm proudly provides personalized representation and counsel to financial institutions nationwide. 

Let us support your organization’s compliance, liability, and litigation needs. Reach out to our skilled financial attorneys today to discuss your goals and how we can assist you.

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